Our Goal is to:

To provide women with the unique guidance that is tailored to their own individual needs. When it comes to weight loss or maintenance, organizing time, and saving & spending money, we as women are different from men. So it is important to attack these issues from the stand point of your unique needs that not all books address. 

The blogs for both TimerDiet and TimerOrganizer are a wealth of information. Blogs are available everywhere, go to Tumblr, Blogger, or each Website has WordPress.

Google+, Facebook, and Twitter Feeds have current issues that are happening in the media today. The Newsletters are short and sweet with a summary of the month and information on new things to come. 

Intagram and Pinterest are also set up and you can find some very interesting located there as well. Not everything is everywhere so please feel free to check everything out so you have all the latest information!

So go to each website and get yourself signed up for the media that makes you happy and works into your daily life!

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and TimerOrganizer

Our Vision

Our Goal


Our Vision is to: Empower women to live a life from a place of strenth and confidence. Focusing on the main issues affecting women: Diet, Organizing Things and Time, and Savings (and Spending!)