Due out Fall 2016!! TimerSavings is all about how to save money, spend money, give money, and make money! 

If you think you have heard it all before, you haven't! I have learned many lessons personally and from clients over decades of success and failure.  See CPASSP.com!

The 1st book of the Timer® Lifestyle- Series Released October 3, 2013

Timer DIET speaks to women directly about all the areas of concern that they need to know about before they begin their weight loss journey and follows them all the way to "After you have lost the weight"


The 2nd book of the Timer Lifestyle Series - Released June 27, 2014

Timer ORGANIZER is a great compantion to Timer DIET. While they are very different genres, Timer Organizer deals with the biggest reason we do not do what we need or want to do--NOT enough TIME! 



Timer™ Savings